Matt Keegan

Full-stack web developer

Experienced using React, Redux, jQuery, Node.js, Express, D3, EJS, Sass, HTML and CSS.

I have recently completed FreeCodeCamp's Front End, Back End and Data Visualisation programmes.

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You can view all of these projects on Github. You can also check me out on Codepen to view some of my work there.

Pinterest clone

Screenshot of social network app
React React Router Redux Node.js Express MongoDB Passport Webpack

A 'pinterest clone' that allows users to log in via Twitter and share images. Signed in users can upvote on posts they like.

Book trading club

Screenshot of book trading club app
React React Router Redux Node.js Express MongoDB Passport Webpack

A book trading club that allows users to list books for trade and accept trade requests.

Only registered users can list books for trade, make trade requests and accept trades. Passport's local strategy is used for registering and logging in users.

Uses the google-books-search Node.js client for the Google Books API.

Stock chart

Screenshot of stock chart app React React Router Redux Websockets Node.js Express MongoDB Webpack

An app for comparing stocks. Users can search for stocks (using data from the AlphaVantage API) and compare them in a Highstock chart.

Nightlife app

Screenshot of nightlife app
React React Router Redux Node.js Express MongoDB Passport Webpack

A nightlife app built using the Yelp Fusion API.

Users can search for bars by location. They will be shown a list of bars and people attending.

Users who have logged in with Facebook can let other users know they will be attending that bar. Facebook login uses Passport's Facebook strategy.

Conway's Game of Life simulation

Screenshot of game of life app
React Node.js Express Webpack Bootstrap

A simulation of Conway's Game of Life built using React.

Users are given a few options, including setting the size of the simulation and choosing its speed. You can also click on the grid to add or remove 'live' tiles.


Screenshot of calculator app
jQuery Node.js Express Webpack Bootstrap

A calculator made using vanilla JavasScript and jQuery. As well as using mouse or touch controls, users can use the keypad to control the calculator.